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Total Health Chiropractic

Total Health Chiropractic

Chattanooga, TN 37405

Providing natural, pain-free chiropractic treatment to help you get the pain relief you need.

New patients get a complimentary consultation, exam, and one set of X-rays. A $249 value -- For free!

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Total Health Chiropractic

Total Health Chiropractic -Tennessee’s Largest Chiropractic Group

At Total Health Chiropractic, our Tennessee Chiropractors take the time to listen to you and find out what type of pain and discomfort you have in order to help your body heal.  First we assess your pain and its origination as well as take into account your lifestyle, work environment, and stress levels. Then, after we gain a better understanding of your specific needs, we devise an adjustment strategy that will allow you to enjoy a pain-free life.  

So, don't wait to become pain-free.  Call one of our eight locations TODAY!

Why choose us?

At Total Health Chiropractic, there’s an understanding staff that truly cares about what you need. The skilled and experienced doctors know exactly what it takes to help you feel better. As a well established chiropractic group in Chattanooga, Total Health Chiropractic has built a reputation for quality services that offer fast and effective pain relief.

So, stop suffering. Pain is not something you should have to live with everyday. It’s simply not healthy for you or your body. We can help you start feeling better in just one treatment.

So don’t wait.

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